East Hawaii Cultural Center in Hawaii

Museums & History in Hawaii

Address: 141 Kalakaua St., Hilo, HI 96720 - MAP
Phone: (808) 961-5711
Web: www.ehcc.org

East Hawaii Cultural CenterThe East Hawaii Cultural Center is an important force that promotes Hawaiian arts, culture and creative traditions. Since Hawaii is a multi-ethnic state, the council was founded in 1967 with six charter organizations that reflect the diversity of the Pacific islands.

The cultural center is home to an effective alliance of arts organizations, including the Big Island Dance Council, Hawaii Concert Society, Bunka No Izumi, Kin Ryosho Dance Academy, and the Philippine Women's Circle.

Visitors to the East Hawaii Cultural Center can browse through three public galleries and enjoy local, national and international art exhibits. The second floor of the center features a theater, art studio and dance floor. The adaptive space is perfect for theater and performance pieces, along with expressions of dance.

In addition to activities at the center, the East Hawaii Cultural Center sponsors other huge, island-wide events such as the Big Island Hawaiian Music Festival and the Hamakua Music Festival. Hula festivals, dance festivals and Aloha Saturdays in the Park are also big draws for tourists and residents alike.