Honolulu Zoo in Hawaii

Address: 151 Kapahulu Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815 - MAP
Phone: (808) 926-3191
Web: www.honoluluzoo.org

Honolulu ZooThe Honolulu Zoo features more than 1,230 animals in a 300-acre setting that comes from royal beginnings. The zoo was established by grants made by the sovereign monarch of King David Kalakaua. In 1877, the land in the area was beautified and opened as Queen Kapiolani Park in honor of Julia Kapiolani, Queen Consort of Hawaii.

Through the early years, the zoo was a relatively small endeavor until 1974, when the Honolulu Zoo accepted a donation of a camel, an elephant, chimpanzees and deer. Facilities were designed and expanded, influenced by what was happening at the San Diego Zoo in California.

In the 1990s, the Honolulu Zoo went through another transformation, where animals were housed in more natural-style habitat settings and open-air enclosures.

Over 750,000 people visit the zoo annually.