Koko Crater Botanical Garden in Hawaii

Address: 50 N. Vineyard Blvd., Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 - MAP
Phone: (808) 522-7060

Koko Crater Botanical GardenKoko Crater Botanical Garden is a unique area that includes a 60-acre basin in the Koko Crater. The hot, dry climate encourages a unique collection of dry land gardens to grow here.

The garden offers many opportunities to explore the collection, including a 1.5-hour self-guided walk. Guided tour groups may be arranged in advance.

A dazzling display of plumeria and bougainvillea welcomes visitors at the entrance. The inner slopes and basin of Koko Crater are filled with a wide variety of garden plantings from Hawaii and around the world. Naturalized exotic kiawe and koa haole trees serve as natural boundaries among the four major regional collections: The Americas, Hawaii, Madagascar and Africa.

Some of the more stunning plants on display include Cacti, Alluaudias, Sansevierias, Baobabs, Dryland Palms, Aloes, Euphorbias and Adeniums.