Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum in Hawaii

Address: 3957 Hansen Rd., Kahului, HI 96732 - MAP
Phone: (808) 871-8058

Alexander & Baldwin Sugar MuseumThe Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum will open your eyes to one of the largest exports of the state of Hawaii, a crop that harkens back to Hawaii's early plantation culture.

The Sugar Museum is housed in a renovated historic building that dates back to 1902. Documents, artifacts and photos chronicle the rise and fall of sugar as an economic stimulus for the island of Maui. Details include facts about the sugar industry, plantation life and the fate of immigrants who came to Hawaii from around the world for jobs. The unique lifestyle created by the melting pot of immigrants still endures today in the enviable local lifestyle of the Hawaiian culture.

The Sugar Museum includes six exhibit rooms, plus outdoor displays of plantation equipment.

The rooms are: The Geography Room; The Water Room; The Human Resources Room; The Plantation Room; The Field Work Room and The Mill Room.